What Are Integers And Why Do We Need Them?


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A set of whole numbers is called as integers
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Well Integers are like negatives and positives. Here is an easy way.

-6+3 = -3
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I don't understand them either how old you multiply and divid them and number line them
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Integers are positive + and negative -.
We need them because we might want to find a sum or the answer

Negative + negative =positive sign
positive + negative   = depends which number is bigger then you take the sign of it
Negative - Negative = which number is bigger take the sign
Positive - Negative = positive

Now divide and multiply
Negative * Negative = Positive
Negative * Positive = Negative
Negative divide negative = Positive
Positive divide Negative = Negative
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An integer is a number without a fractional part.
3 is an integer
3.5 is not

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