How To Be A Good Reader?


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Be a good reader is not easy, but you can do it by yourself. You can start from the simple books such as comics, story book or another you like. Then, you can try to read other kinds of book. Don't read the book when you're not interested. I think, reading is not only books, but you can also read the situation, or something around you.
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The first thing that you need in order to be a good reader is interest and the fact that you feel pleasure in reading books.  The rest comes on its own. Here is a link from where you can get step by step instructions on becoming a good reader.
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To be a good reader you need to have interest on the topic you are reading. Daily reading newspapers also helps.
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In order to be a good reader, you will have to practice a lot so you can become familiar with different types of article, topic and magazines. The more you read and the better it gets. The best way to solve this problem you will have to read different topics, don't worry if you have no interest on the topic but you must read it carefully so you can become familiar with different topics gradually. However, if you ignore the topics that you have no interest then you will never able to understand unfamiliar topics.
I f you want to be called a good reader so I would kindly mention this is the rout to take.
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In my opinion   to be a good reader requires many steps,  first   you must put a program of reading and be commited to it, it has to be daily  and pick an interresting book and start with easy books try not to quit reading cause if you do you will break all the steps that you have done ,   everything comes with time  until you will feel the pleasure while reading
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Plenty of practice, and practise with friends. Try forming a reading group. Pick a book and each of you read an extract from it. Also use daily newspapers as reading material. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and as you go on you will steadily improve. Good luck
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If you like a good reader you must read for a lot of time but even you fell the pleasure
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1. Find a quiet, comfortable place to read so that you aren't disturbed.
2. Read a lot.
3. Pay attention to what you are reading.
4. Stop talking to yourself when you read.
5. Don't keep re-reading the same phrases
6. Always look up for new words.
7. Try to carry the book you're reading with you wherever you go. Never miss the chance to read the book.
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I want to a go reader and how to behave if I to sucessful in life. I donot know but there is feeling in me like a passion that am born computer software developer and many other  thing

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