What Are The Thinking Strategies Of A Good Comprehension Reader?


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Following are the thinking strategy of good reader:

• Foresee: Make good assumptions. Good readers build assumptions or predictions about ideas, outcomes, events and conclusions. As a reader reads his guesses are verified or rejected. If they predictions are not valid then reader makes new predictions.

• Graphics or Image: good readers while reading make as image in there mind and then relate the text with that image. These images act like movies and this will help in increasing the understanding of the material which is being read.

• Relate or comparison. When existing knowledge is related with the new stuff then it will be easy to remember the new thing and thus make easy to grasp the new knowledge.

• Watching performance: check the performance on going comprehension in order to check your understanding of the material. Make summary on each important fact and figure. If find difficulty then stop there at once and solve the problem. Good reader when confuse themselves by keep on reading they first resolve the problem then move ahead.

Find solution: if there is any problem while reading then try to solve the problem. Find solutions and try to avoid confusion. This may be time consuming because one has to go back to a sentence or go back at a prior page for explanation

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