Should Applicants From Certain Countries Be Given Priority?


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Steven Vakula answered
Yes, as some countries are not know for acts and influences that other countries are known for or to harbor. If a country is more similar to the one in which one resides then it should be easier to clear an application than if it is a country that one is at war with for example.
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Aisha answered
I believe you are concerned with admission to a certain university. Well, I believe everyone in this world has the right for quality education. So if people from certain countries are given priority, it would be total discrimination. The only thing that universities should consider is the talent, skills, intelligence and educational qualification of the student, regardless of the country he/she is from. This would give a chance to every deserving student to get quality university education.
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Viktor peterson answered
I believe that too. I mean that Students from other countries should be given admission in foreign universities.
The reason am here is to get an admission too.
I will really appreciate it if I could be granted an admission into a foreign school.

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