How To Write A Leave Request To Your Boss?


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You want to take a leave from your job. You need to take a leave. You deserve it, even. To get it, you need to convince your boss that a leave for you is a good thing for your company.

It is only human nature, when asked a favor, to wonder, "What's in it for me?” The same is true when you ask a favor at work. Your boss will wonder not only what is in it for him or her, but also what is in it for the company. Fail to answer that question well and you will not get the time off.

Honesty is your best approach, because if you are asked for further explanation, you will be open and not defensive. So take your real reasons for wanting a leave and turn them into assets for the company. For example:

Mr. Turner,

I am writing to request a two-week leave to visit my relatives in another state. My wife's grandmother is ailing and she has not seen our children in some time. We are hoping to spend time with her now, as we are not sure she will make it to the winter holidays.

I have asked my co-workers if they can cover for me during this time, and they have assured me the extra workload poses no problem. I will return refreshed and focused, and ready to tackle the upgrades we have scheduled for next month.

Thank you for your consideration.


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Employees who are rested and mentally healthy tend to be physically healthy. That's good for the health and safety of the entire workplace. A good boss will realize this and allow the occasional leave for employees who have proven themselves reliable.

It also is important to emphasize that work will not suffer while you are gone. For this reason, a smart employee will not ask for a leave during a busy season unless it is an emergency. Time your request for a period when the workload traditionally is slower, and your chances of approval will be much greater.
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Hi xx,
    this is yy and empid is yy14. I want to go to my cousins marriage on 24 may 2010. Please approve my leave
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Leave for personal work at home
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I would like to take leave from X to X for (give reason) and hope this meets with your approval
Yours sincerely

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