How to write a loan application to boss?


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If someone needs to write a loan application to a boss, they must tread carefully, and ask in just the right way. Asking for a loan from an employer will require a face-to-face meeting, as well as a formal business letter requesting monies for a specific purpose. Often, staff will ask management for loans to cover unexpected events, such as home repairs or car repairs that are not covered by insurance. Anything that affects an employee's ability to make it into work and do a good job may be a decent reason to ask for a loan from a boss.

Writing the loan application may be as simple as drafting a polite and respectful letter explaining exactly why a loan is needed, and when it will be repaid. However, people who ask for loans from bosses may suffer from disappointment and hurt feelings if their loan requests are denied. In general, employers are under no obligation to provide loans (or pay advances) to the people they hire. In some cases, asking for a loan from a boss may cause awkwardness, and have a detrimental effect on an employee's career. Therefore, it's important to establish whether or not a loan is really needed, and whether or not it might be better to get the loan from sources outside of the workplace such as a;

  • bank
  • credit union
Many financial services companies, such as Money Mart (Canada) provide payday loans; all an applicant needs to do is bring in identification, pay stubs, and other proof of identity and employment. However, these types of institutions require high fees for their services, and loans must be repaid promptly.

When writing a letter to your boss, explain in short, clear paragraphs, precisely why a loan is needed. Illness, family problems, or unexpected expenses should be outlined; a repayment schedule should also be included, along with any other information that relates to the loan request. The letter should be printed out, and then signed in ink pen. The letter should be dated, and addressed to a specific person (first and last name), rather than to a company. If you expect your application to remain confidential, you must specify that on the letter.
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