What GCSE's Do I Need To Have To Get Into University?


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Will Martin answered
You will need A levels first, and it depends on what you want to study; also, different universities have different requirements. If you wanted to study a science subject, for instance, you would normally be expected to have two or more science Games; but for other subjects eg arts, you wouldn't. Having said that, universities love science subjects because fewer people are doing science now, so if you did have more than one science GCSE it would give you an advantage anyway.

The best way to get an idea is pick a university or college you might be interested in, go to their website and look at their entrance requirements. You can usually contact them direct too if you have more questions. Good luck.
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Faye McNamee answered
You will need to go into 6th for or college and I'm not sure but I think you have to get at least 200points.
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ROP Pieris answered
Well it depends on the are yo are choosing, I mean if you are choosing med well you got to have your passes in A/L s but mark my words Gcses do count so watch out
good luck mate

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