What A Levels Do I Need To Become An Interior Designer?


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Technically, there are no specific qualifications to become an interior designer, but the reality is that the majority of interior designers have completed a design-based, or art qualification at some higher level. These include degrees, HNDs and foundation degrees in interior design. To do these course you will typically need three A levels (or maybe two if you are a mature student).

There are a couple of ways of finding out what is available and what you will need to be able to access the course that you want to do. You can have a look at the British Interior Design Association (BIDA) website for a list of relevant courses and career information, and you can also look at the websites of universities that offer courses and see what their entry requirements are.

An interior design job will usually involve meeting with clients so find out what their ideas and requirements are, and then developing a design that matches what the client wants within the available budget. You may find in some instances that designs also have to fit in with the type of building you are designing for.

You will then need to prepare some sketches so the client can give you some feedback on your thoughts, and you will also be expected to advise on things like furniture and other fittings, color schemes and fabrics. Once this has been completed, you will have to work out costs and provide an estimate for the client's approval, and to develop your initial sketches into a detailed drawing, often using a computer.

To get a job as an interior decorator you will need to build up a portfolio of your ideas and of any work that you may have done. It is for this reason that any work experience that you can get will always be beneficial.
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