You Buy A Bottle Of Juice For $1.00. The Juice Costs $0.90 More Than The Empty Bottle. How Much Does The Empty Bottle Cost. The Answer Isn't $0.10, $0.00, Or $1.00?


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Well then we need to know how much sales tax was charged, so that the total bill ended up being $1.00, and we need to know the original wholesale price that the seller purchased it for.
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You must be working in algebra. You will not get a number answer because you do not have enough information.  Let's say E = empty bottle J = juice YOUR equation would look something like:
(E + .90) + J = 1.00
subtract J from both sides
E+ .90 = 1.00 - J
Subtract .90 from both sides
E = 1.00 - J - .90
The equation is your final answer.

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