What Is Ogive Graph?


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An ogive graph is a type of graph which displays the data in the shape of a curved line. They are also often referred to as a cumulative frequency graph.

When to use an ogive graph

  • Ogive graphs are best used to highlight trends within data
  • Ogive graphs are useful for displaying increases and decrease in data, but are not as useful for direct comparisons of statistics, a bar graph may be better suited for this
  • These graphs are often used in statistical analysis 

Here is a useful video which explains how to make an ogive graph:

Once you have worked out the culmative frequencies which you will plot onto your graph, you can make use of technology to help you draw it. 

You can use excel to make an ogive graph, and below is a short video which talks you through the steps if you are unsure how to do this.

There are also several websites which can be used to help you create an ogive graph. But, in my opinion, putting pen to paper is the best way to get your head around any new puzzle!

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