How Do You Write And Compile A Mission Statement For A Restaurant?


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Mission statement is the reason of existence for any organization. It provides you with a goal in mind so then you make objectives to achieve those goals.
If you want to make a mission statement for your restaurant, you need to first define the vision and then make a small statement for it. It should target the customers and narrate your strengths.
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Aicha's answer is both brief and solid. Probably a good idea to keep the statement as such. A mission statement is important enough that it should be reviewed and made available to all on the team to better their focus, and clarify any misunderstandings or uncertainties-so everyone works efficiently towards the goal(s) of the organization.
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Here is a site that will assist you in writing a mission statement for a restaurant.  There are other tools for restaurant entrepreneurs there, as well.  Good luck.
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I have over 20 years selling Restaurant equipment and supplies in Seattle and Honolulu. Just go to an equipment dealer and ask for the contract dept. You must have a budget of at least 75,000 to get started. Tell them your idea and they should be able to design it and price it for you
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You just need to put down what goals you have for your business and that you're going to do a good job and try your hardest in everything

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