How We Can Draw DFD For Online Examination System?


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To begin with, I would recommend having a look at as many DFDs, Data Flow Diagrams, prior to creating your own. This will help you establish the usual layout for DFD and some examples of how they have been created on a computer. Many of them of are extremely simple and involve circles or squares of bubbles with written text inside which can be anything to do with the flow of information through a company.

You may choose to keep it simple and use the flow of information during the customer ordering process. Each box of information describing a process is linked to the next process and the next box of information via an arrow. In a simple DFD there will be a few neat boxes with a few arrows linking them all together. In a more complex DFD, you may find that the diagram looks more chaotic as the lines and arrows cross each other as processes are used once, twice or even three times during one task.

A DFD is extremely easy to create if you have the right computer software. SmartDraw is an example of very easy to use software which will ensure this task is as simple as possible. If you do not wish to purchase new software which can be expensive, you can use a programme such as Microsoft PowerPoint, something that most computers will come with as standard.

This is an easy piece of software to use when creating diagrams as you can resize and move the objects around as you please. It is easy to create any kind of diagram and there are a huge variety of shapes and arrows that are on offer. Microsoft Word could also be used but this is slightly more difficult as it can become awkward to reshape your boxes and place them in the correct place, particularly when they have text inside of them.
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DFD or Data flow design is basically a kind of flowchart that represents information flow. It is very easy to make. There are numerous softwares that will help in drawing of a DFD such as smartdraw. However, you can draw it on word using different options like text boxes, arrows etc.

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