Should History Be Taught Or Not?


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According to my thinking History must be taught at schools and colleges. This is because this way the kids would come to know about their forefathers and their times. It helps them understand the current times by going back into the history and knowing what event of history triggered certain changes. If they are not taught history, they would not know about sacrifices of their forefathers.
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No comments for people who say history is nothing. But yes history can help us understand the present Few examples tht might help.... How can we evaluate war if the nation is at peace?  History is inescapable as a subject. The past causes the present, and so the future. We can ony deal with the present by applying historical habits of mind. The study of history provides a window into the past and a chance to look at the mistakes wht our ancestors did an avoid those mistakes in the future. 'The past ia always a rebuke to the present' (Robert penn Warren).
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No, it should not be taught in schools as
history doesn't repeat it is just a story that has happened in the past . It is just like a moral story from which the morals are taken but not fully accepted.the things we learn in history need not be true . For eg :In the past, Britain was ruling India and westerners are the main people who wrote history thus they will write the article in favor towards their country whereas demarking the other country. Thus it need not be true !
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For me history must be taught... Why? Because there is nothing wrong knowing what has happened sometime in the past, it's a fact that must be known! And knowing it may add us information and intelligence that we could be taught to our children or even to our grandchildren...
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Yes, of course history should be taught and studied. First, it is the foundation for the present. Second, there is an expression that goes something like this,
“Failing to heed the lessons of the past will doom you to repeat them in the future.”
      That means to me that even though technology changes, and empires fall people basically will always stay the same with their wants, desires and needs.
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In my opinion, yes, because when you learn about history, it reminds us of how much we've come to be, and of our mistakes. We should remember those mistakes, so they aren't repeated again in the future. History is important because it makes us remember where we came from.
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Yes, it should be taught.

I like it as too.

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Well, my history lessons made me suicidally depressed (not exaggerating) so I dropped it in the end. I think it should be optional because some people like learning about it, but I personally find it really boring and it only teaches you one side of things.

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History should be taught because it defies where you come from and determines where you are going you if you don't know your past you will repeat it and some of the things our ancestors went through and some of the things they went through are extremely horrible
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History should be taught because it is what keeps this world from making the same mistake twice. Without history, the world would not know these mistakes and can repeat them. History is what shaped the world. History keeps us from having another Hitler or another world war. History is what kept the United States from another 9/11 by improving security. History is the most important subject.

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As long as the teacher actually teaches you, and doesn't let you fail on your test. I didn't like history until 7th grade, when I got this guy who is really funny for my teacher. Personally I don't think history is too hard to learn. It is a lot of facts, but if I do my homework that is usually enough to help me memorize everything.

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In my opinion history should be taught in schools so that the children should also get know what their forefather have done in past and may learn from their experiences.            Akash shukla
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Pure unadulterated thoughts and ideas. History is not a good thing to know if you want to be yourself and are open minded.
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They lose any sense of connection with the culture of their parents. They tend to have to learn lessons again the hard way that history is able to teach.

One effect, for example, is the current tendency to prefer "security" over "freedom" in the US and elsewhere around the world. History teaches that is a bad trade to make, and can result in dictatorial "leadership," genocide, and worse.

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