How Do I Write A Thank You For An Award Or Trophy?


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It is rewarding to be recognised for an achievement by receiving an award or a trophy, and something to be proud of! It’s therefore an excellent idea to thank whoever presented it to you in the first place, as it is both polite and makes them feel good, too. A written thank you is perfectly fitting as it allows you to show that you have put the thought into the gesture just as much as they did. But how to go about it?

The first thing that you have to ensure when writing a thank you is that you achieve a happy balance of enthusiasm which is neither lacking nor too over the top; you want them to know that you are being sincere in what you are saying! Tell them how much you appreciated the award/trophy and that it was a delight to be recognised, but don’t over-exaggerate. It will take a judge of the situation; how many others received awards too, the implications of the reward, how much effort you put in to get it.

A balance also needs to be struck between formal and informal. If it is a jokey awards ceremony at work or school, then perhaps you don’t need to write a thank you in the first place" it may seem out of place. On the other hand, if you are receiving a lifetime achievement award at a huge formal ceremony, you will need to ensure that your thank you is respectful, addresses people properly and is written with accurate grammar. This may take considerably longer!

At the end of the day though, the fact that you have taken the time to thank someone for an award or trophy that they have given you is a merit in itself. Don’t spend too much time stressing over it as they will appreciate the gesture regardless. Chances are, you worked hard enough to get the achievement in the first place.
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Here is a site that will provide you with some guidance on writing your thank you note.  It is kind of you to consider writing a thank you to someone who already in clearly indebted to you.  Perhaps this kind of attitude is part of the reason you were chosen to be recognized in the first place!  Congratulations for your outstanding citizenship!--the world needs more people like you :)

Guidance on Writing a Thank You

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