Reflect On The Importance Of Recognizing Your Own Learning Style And Using This Knowledge Effectively In Your Studies?


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Learning styles are the different ways different people learn. Some people learn through seeing, some through hearing and others by feeling. It is important to recognize which is your learning style because you can then develop ways of using it in your studies to make learning easier. Sometimes things may have seemed hard to learn but it may not have been because of the complex subject matter but because it was being taught in a style that you were not comfortable with.

What are the different learning styles?
  • Visual - visual learners learn through seeing. You need to see the teacher and their body language; you like pictures, diagrams, visual presentations, handouts and videos. You like to make notes during class.
  • Auditory - auditory learners learn through listening. You like lectures, discussion, and talking and listening in class; you like to hear people read aloud in class or on tape.
  • Kinesthetic (or Tactile) - kinaesthetic learners learn through moving, doing things and touching. You don't like to sit still and you need activity, experiments, role play and exploration.
How can you use your learning style to study more effectively?
Visual learners
  • use pictures, charts, maps, diagrams, graphs
  • use color highlighters
  • take notes in class or ask for handouts from the teacher
  • use computers, videos, film
  • illustrate your notes or ideas
Auditory learners
  • ask questions and join in class discussions
  • make presentations and participate in debates
  • use a tape recorder in lectures
  • create mnemonics (like a verse or a formula) to help remember things
Kinesthetic learners
  • take plenty of breaks
  • move around to learn new things
  • skim through material first before settling down to read it thoroughly
  • listen to music while you study
  • chew gum

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