When Driving In The City, __________ May Help You Avoid Traffic, But They May Not Be As Safe Or They May Increase Your Travel Time Because Of Traffic Control Lights?


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Usually, with this type of question on a driving test, you are confronted with up to four options to choose from. Typically, you will have the chance to select either toll roads, interstates, side streets or expressways. In most cases, it is a process of elimination. It is unlikely to be toll roads, especially if you do have the opportunity of using a free road as a replacement. As not all motorists will be willing to pay a premium, it's probable that it will be safer and a toll road will reduce your travel time because of how there is notably less traffic. In addition, side streets don't usually exhibit traffic control lights, although there will be exceptions. Because of this, your answer is going to be interstates, and not expressways.

It's essential that you revise to the best of your capability as this exam draws closer. You don't just need to understand how to complete the sentence accurately, but you need to understand why the characteristics of interstates may increase your travel time because of traffic control lights. Don't forget that you'll also be expected to work on a series of other questions, and so don't try to place all of your eggs in one basket by trying to practice some topics more than others. By addressing your weak spots, the chances of being successful will multiply favourably. On judgment day, try to make sure that you enter the exam hall with confidence, knowing that there's nothing more you could have done in terms of revision.

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