Do You Know The Answers To The DMV Learners Permit Driving Test Or Where I Could Obtain Some?


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DMV in which state?  California, New York, Florida?  Driving regs vary by state, so some questions will have different answers in different states.

Good example is turning left on a red light.  Everywhere you have to come to a stop first.  But then you can turn left on a red from a 2-way road onto a 1-way road in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Michigan .  In many other US states you can only turn left on a red light if you're already on a one-way road and turning into a 1-way street.  Other states you can't turn left on a red light in any circumstances.

Sample questions for getting a learner's permit online for 2 states:


There are lots and lots of online companies who will for a relatively small fee ($50 or so) give you example tests, with answers and study guides, specific to whichever state you need 'em for.
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There are a couple good ones for California drivers. Online Practice Permit Tests is a good site for online tests with sample test questions from California driving tests. I think they plan on adding other states too.  There's also a driving school in Folsom California that offers online sample driving tests too.
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I used some free resources such as - some free Q&A for permit test. And free online quizzes: Http://
it's really useful to study questions because they are pretty hard.
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Remember that while the questions that feature on your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) exam usually vary, each and every state insists on new drivers studying the different rules of the road so as to pass that state's mandatory written test.

There are several questions like 'What would an eight-sided sign signify?' The answer is 'a stop sign'. To the question 'What should one proceed to do if one accidentally misses one's exit while on a limited access highway?' The answer is 'Continue till the next exit' and not 'make a you-turn'. Besides a meticulous reading of your DMV booklet, you can also visit the DMV's official website for practice tests. Simply click on your specific state on the map provided. You will be provided practice tests designated for all kinds of licenses.

For the DMV website tests visit

For another sample test visit
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Trying just to get hold of and memorizing answers won't really help you. Getting a permit and driving a car is a bit more serious than an ordinary school exam. Like everyone else, you need to study the driver's manual or handbook from your state (get it online or from a local DMV office).

Yes, studying is boring - but necessary. You don't want to end up in a crash just because you don't know what to do in every situation.

If you are nervous because you just don't know what to expect from the test, you can prepare with numerous online practice tests. Checkout the official DMV site (none of these questions will be on the test, but you get a rough idea what they will look like). is also a great resource with endless questions. They have some useful articles as well.

Needless to say, I aced my test by just giving my preparations some time and taking a lot of sample tests.

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I have actually used the same service linked above for the practice permit test, and it was a good one. They have a free practice test so you can try it before you buy, and the price is around $10 if you do get one.
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As mentioned by most of those who responded, the questions you need to practice largely depend on your state of residence, however since most of the driving rules are the same around the country, you can get by by taking generic practice tests.  If you are looking for something state specific, try going to the permit practice test page, then go to the bottom of the page and you can choose, say between practice permit test for ny or permit practice test for kentucky.  Good luck!

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