Is The Learners Permit Test Hard?


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No its fairly easy. You have to have 15/20 correct on the rules part and 15/20 correct on the road sign part (don't worry, it's not that hard)   P.S. If you want to review for the test, you can download a copy of the drivers handbook here at or  local DMV office. There is a section in the back with sample questions (some of them are on the actual test).You can also check out (which is the official website for the department of highway safety and motor vehicles in the state of FL. Also make sure you have taken the DATE (Drug Alcohol and Traffic Education) class. Good Luck!
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No! All you really need to do is read the drivers manual good, maybe a couple of times. If you pay attention when your with your parents driving you should be fine. The hardest part is probably the different shape signs! It is not rocket science by any means!
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It's all mostly common sense so if you pay attention when other ppl are driving you should be fine know what all your signs are!! I didn't read the manual

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