Where To Find A Conversion Chart For Inches To Decimals Of A Foot?


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To get inches to feet in terms of decimal, you divide the number of inches by 12 (the number of inches in a foot). The conversion of fractions of an inch (for example, 3/8”) is much the same. You take the fraction, and divide the top number by the bottom (to get a decimal value), then take the result and divide it by 12 (inches in a foot). A good table and calculator can be found at www.cleavebooks.co.uk/scol/ccftins.htm There’s also a useful video to help explain the uses of this conversion at www.youtube.com/watch?v=462l9qlVpAI This conversion is mainly used in construction, to easily add and check dimensions used when using standard building materials. Standard materials are often cut into lengths in feet, and, when being measured for, say, the length of a desk, the measurement itself is taken in inches. This is to get a greater specificity to measurement. The same theory is used in engineering, where everything is referred to in millimeters, when most people would use meters or centimeters, and so the reverse conversion would be needed. If you’re checking a string of dimensions to check they add up to the sum dimensions (in terms of architectural drawings and engineering drawings), you need to be able to convert the values quickly and easily, to be viewed in a commonly used format.
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You cannot convert decimals into inches because decimal is a number that has a decimal point. On the other hand, inch is the unit of length. You can convert cm, mm, m, km and other units of length in inches but you cannot convert a decimal into inches. A decimal can be converted in some other number form like fraction, scientific notation.
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There are some online resources for conversion chart. You can convert fractions to decimals of inches and feet. For details, visit the following website.
Conversion Chart
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The charts you gave me was helpful. But it was converting fractions to decimal and decimals of a inch. I am trying to find the chart to copy and give to my guys so the can easily convert inches to tenths. I have explained it to them but don't think they totally understand.

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