Where Do I Find A Printable Chart To Convert Thousands To Inches?


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Assuming that the thousands referred to is meant to be millimetres, 51 of which equal two inches, this question can be very quickly answered by referring to <a href="www.metric-conversions.org/cgi-bin/util/conversion-table.cgi Metric-conversions.org </a>, where printable conversion tables of all metric to imperial measurements and vice versa may be found.

If, however, the question refers to thou, otherwise known as mil or point, a unit of length equalling 0.001 of an inch, it may be a little harder to find such a table.

Although this unit is regularly used in engineering/ machining, particularly when it comes to manufacturing-related dimension accuracy and tolerances, it appears to be almost impossible to find conversion charts.

It is, nonetheless, possible to create one's own chart, using Microsoft Excel.

The first step is to enter the values in column A. As this is about converting thousandths, the step value from row to row will be 0.001. A1 will therefore contain 0.001; A2 will be 0.002, etc.

Column B now requires a formula. If the required result needs to be expressed in eighths of an inch, the formula to be entered in B1 should read as =A1*8. B2 should read =A2*8, and so on.

For one thousandth, for example, the result of this formula will appear as 0.008, denoting 0.008 eighths of an inch. 125 thousandths of an inch, or 0.125, will result in one being displayed, denoting that this equals one eighth of an inch.

For a display of sixteenth of an inch, the formula should accordingly read as =A (row number)*16. One may wish to create a complete chart using column C for sixteenth, column D for 30 seconds and column E for 64.

The resulting chart can then be saved and either referred to or printed as and when the need arises.
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Did you mean thousanths?  As in 0.001-inch is 1 thousandth of an inch?    inch   thousanths  .005     5  .006     6  .007     7  etc...    Chart?
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I wish to convert 0.26" to closest 32s of inch

and   0.313" to closest 32s of inch
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You could make your own using Excel.
Column A  enter  0.001 in A1 then fill down in a series,(on the Edit tab)
step value =0.001
Column B  formula  =A1 * 32 (if you wanted thousandths expressed in 32d of an inch, or 16ths or 64ths or whatever fraction of an inch you want.)
Then column B fill down

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Thousands of what? Please re-state your question.
If it is a handy conversion chart that you can look up frequently, just make one up and print it out.

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