G(x)=log(x-3) Description Of Transformation: Equation(s) For The Vertical Asymptote(s): X-intercept In (x, Y) Form: Can You Help?


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Y=log1/3 (3-1)
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F(x) = log x

x = 0
x intercept: (1, 0)

g(x) = log(x-3)

Log (x-3) just moves the graph to the 3 units right, so the new vertical asymptote is, in place of (1, 0) is

x intercept: (4,0)
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I have two more question the same form, g(x)=e^x-5,h(x)=-e^x, but in the horizontal asymptote y-intercept in (x,y) form description of transformation

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