When And Where Can I See Numbers Reruns?


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Numb3rs is an American TV crime drama that has become extremely popular since its release in 2005.

  • Stream online
You can watch Numb3rs online by following these links which allow you to stream the show and watch it for free:
  • Buy the DVD box set
You could also buy a box set of Numb3rs so you can watch it whenever you want without having to rely on reruns on TV. You can buy seasons 1-6 in specialist DVD and music shops and online.

  •   Download episodes
Numb3rs can also be downloaded from iTunes; which is an option that many people prefer as, although you have to pay for it, you know you will be downloading a good quality file that you can save to your computer and watch again and again.

They are available to download for $1.99 per episode. This is a good option if you just want to watch one or two episodes but it is much more economical to buy the box set if you wish to watch an entire series.

It is becoming increasingly common for TV shows and movies to be available for download on iTunes. As more people use computers, laptops, tablets and TVs with internet capabilities to watch their favorite shows people are less likely to follow the schedule of a TV guide and are more likely to download or stream them to watch at their convenience. It is now possible to record shows and then save them to watch as and when the view wishes.

Most shows, particular from a particular series, are placed on the website of the channel that airs it and the show is available for streaming for a month or two after it is shown on TV. Other similar shows that are available for download from iTunes include CSI, NCIS and Survivor.

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