I Keep Seeing The Numbers 9:11 Everywhere I Go. Is It Trying To Tell Me Something?


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This site is making me even more weirded out! I too have been seeing 911 everywhere.Live in Australia, so 911 not something overly burnt into my mind. I am no superstitious, into weird stuff, if anything have been trying to rationalise is as a stupid co-incidence that my brain is just being silly and tuning into, but the last few days have just gone silly with it. Turned on the TV... The Japanese death toll 6,911 (At that time) Number plates, Digital tv guide.. A show advertised about 911 incident, flicked it on and "the Guardian" was on, flicked back to the guide and the 911 show was gone. Just got out of hospital with a back injury half hour ago, I talking, it was my phone saying "this is a disconnected number", accidently my phone not on lock had dialed 7*7*77702, when I switched the call of the time? ..9:11.. This is just a few of many. Very strange indeed :-/
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I have seen it to not just on the clock but in random books, magazines, and everything else. Situated with this I have also started having disturbing dreams.

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