Which College Can I Get My Ged While I Can Study At The Same Time?


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General Educational Development (GED) classes consist of learning five academic subjects, resulting in a high school-level qualification. This means you can go to college after obtaining your GED. They are also very handy for advancing your skills for your employment or just good for your self-esteem. GED classes and examinations are available:

  • At Universities/Colleges
  • Public Libraries
  • Online
Various universities and colleges offer GED preparation and GED examinations at. The GED Center trains over 1300 adults per year and assists an additional 300 adults per year in earning their GED certificate. The GED Center prepares people for employment and enhances their life skills. A wide range of subjects are available, ranging from art to mathematics.

Most Public Libraries offer GED classes, except they are online and regarded as more of a preparation guide for the GED test. The subjects tested include Language Arts (Writing), Language Arts (Reading), Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. When taking a GED test you must obtain an overall score of 2250 or more to pass. The GED Tests should take 7 hours and 25 minutes to finish- this consists of 240 questions and an original essay.

You can find GED preparation hints, tips and tests online. Visit websites such as 4tests.com and GED Connection both offer practice tests. On Gedpractice.com you will find questions that are similar to the real GED exam. This will help you to familiarize yourself when it comes to actually taking the test.

Good luck and have fun studying!

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