How To Write A Mail To Boss On Coming Late At Work?


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Well if you came late to work you probably want to say your sorry an excuse why you couldn't make it and start from there like example:

Dear Boss,
I am sorry for coming late to work Yesterday (Dec 27th) and I know I should have came early, Due to traffic in the road I know that is no excuse though why I must be late to work. I promise you it will not happen again, And I will try harder to come on time. Thank you and sorry again
______ ( your name)

thats what  I would say to my boss in the example above just try not to be late again or you might get fired or make your boss pretty upset
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I think there must be the following points:First,you should say"I'm sorry" honestly,  then speak the reason, last but not the least, you should write some congratulation words.
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