Thank You, For Taking The Time To Meet With Me. Would I Use A Comma In That Sentence?


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No, there is no comma in that sentence. If you said 'thank you, that was very kind' you would use a comma. The difference is that in the first sentence you are saying 'I thank you for doing something' whereas in the second example you are saying 'I thank you. That was very kind' 2 sentences disguised as one.
English is a very difficult language to learn, and almost as hard to teach!
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helen baillie-gutteridge
but so well explained! Now tell me when to use the apostrophe......
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Ok smartypants (I'm talking to Harka now!) I think it was Frank Zappa's dog, Fido, who said 'the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe', and how true is that.
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The comma can also be used to define a break in your thinking/to emphasize the "thank you" to make the reader stop for a second and read the words before the comma. As in a response for something the person did for you . Thank you, for answering my question.  or thank you! For answering my questions. Or thank you? For answering my questions. I guess it is combining text with proper grammar. Or how about thank you :) for answering my questions.
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That is exactly what I was trying to do. I wanted to pause on the thank you to emphasize it. So in that context, does it make sense? I believe it is called interjection????
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That is exactly the context in which it was written. To pause and emphasize the thank you. Would it be correct then? Similar to ......Thank you, for answering my question.
BTW....Thank you, for answering my question. : )
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No , because there's a reason why are you saying the word " thankyou " or whatever but you shouldn't use that comma.
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Are you serious in saying that . Wait wait my friend I was just kidding. As far as your question is concerned comma is not necessary.

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