How To Write A Circular Regarding Orientation Programme For Proficiency In Hindi?


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Help me to write this circular
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Hi:  With regard to Proficiency in Hindi, please write a circular regarding orientation programme taking into account the following points.  1.  What is the group,  age, qualification, is it for spoken Hindi or Devnaagari written script or for reading  or for beginners or for advanced classes  2.     Understanding of Alphabets and pronunciations(translation,transliterations) 3.  Making of  words  i.e. 2 letter, 3 letters, 4 letters and so on(vocabulary/dictionary) 4. Making of sentences  5.  Grammer 6.  Essays 7.  Fill in the blanks 8.  Short stories and stories   reading,writing, comprehension 9.  Watching news,  10.  Listening to news 11.  Watching Hindi movies on Tv 12.  Presentation 13.  Text chat, video chat 14. Usage of Hindi emails 15. Attain fluency, spell checks 16.  Writing letterslpoems, songs 17.  Sing a song  Write the circular in Hindi and translate in English or vice versa.  Plan sessions, facilitators, days, time, manuals, materials,  decide on methodology, get guest lecturers  I teach spoken Hindi and English, you may contact me    We need to be clear, who wants,what related to Hindi, cost,time, present knowledge and practise level and where the person wants to go, accordingly only the circular can be written.  Dhanyawad  Suresh Thank you.

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