What Are The Subjects In BA Pass 1st Year?


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A BA is a bachelors degree; which is basically the initial degree studied at university.

  • Pass rate

To pass the first year of a BA degree, a student will usually need to achieve 40% in every subject, or have an average of 40% across all of their subjects.

Depending on what degree you are studying for, there will be different subjects that you need to pass. Sometimes you will be given the option to study a wide variety of subjects; which suit you personal interests but other universities will require students to study subjects that are related to the degree they will ultimately end up with.

The pass rate for the first year at university is relatively low as this first year is often used as a 'settling in year'. It is often the first time that students have lived away from home. This brings with it the most responsibility that they have ever had.

  • Adjusting to university life

This is all part of the learning experience and part of growing up for many people, but it can often mean that exam results suffer as students adjust to their new lifestyle.

The students have the opportunity to settle in to their new lifestyle without stressing themselves out too much about exams and grades. By the second year they are expected to have settled and higher pass rates are set to exams.

  • Subject choices

If you have the opportunity to choose your subjects, you should always try to chose the ones you will enjoy the most. This could ultimately lead to a career that you enjoy and you will also gain better results if you find your studies of interest. It will also ensure that you meet like-minded people and find it easy to meet friends.

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