What Is The Date Of The Signing Of The U.S. Declaration Of Independence?


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(from wikipedia)
1774--Relations between the North American colonies and the British Empire deteriorate.
1775 (April)--The American Revolution begins.
June 11, 1776--Congress authorizes the writing of the Declaration of Independence.
June 28, 1776--First draft of the Declaration of Independence presented to Congress.
July 2, 1776--Congress passes resolution of independence from the British Empire. 
July 4, 1776--After some minor changes to the wording of the Declaration, it is approved and sent for printing.
July 19, 1776--Famous handwritten version of the Declaration created (the copy that is considered the Declaration of Independence).
August 2, 1776--Most of the delegates sign the Declaration of Independence.
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The U.S. Declaration Of Independence was created on June-July 1776 and ratified (signed) on July 4, 1776. For more details, visit this link.
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The date the US constitution was signed is 1776 , it was written and drafted by Thomas Jefferson(the 3rd pres). The most famous signature on it is john Hancock because he wanted to write it so big so that the king of England could see it without his glasses on.
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July 2 1776
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Congress did not sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, the Declaration was first published as a typeset broadside; the famous handwritten version was created after July 19 then singed on August 2.

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