What Was The Most Ironic Aspect Of The American Declaration Of Independence?


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The crux of the American Declaration of Independence circled around some ideas of great thinkers from the Enlightenment Era. One of these ideas suggested that all men are created equal by the Lord Almighty and every single person had the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was quite an ironic declaration if one cared to relate these words to the social and political mechanism of the American colonies.

First and foremost, nearly twenty percent of the colonial population was enslaved – those slaves were denied their rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness while being torn away from their homelands and brought to a whole different place where they were not accustomed to any of the aspects of the society. Moreover they were ill-treated by their white masters and were treated like objects and not human beings. Contemplating over all these facts about slavery, the American Declaration of Independence sounded like a grotesque paradox that lampooned the real comprehension of equality.

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