Can You Give Examples Of Negative Business Letters To Clients?


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Any kind of business letter should be written following the formal business letter format. Begin by writing your name and address, or company name and address, in the top right-hand corner and the person’s name and address to whom you are writing to below but on the left-hand side along with the date.
The first paragraph should be positive towards whoever you are writing. This is because you may wish to do business with them in the future so you should do your best to maintain a positive relationship. You may think that this is unimportant at the time of writing the letter but you must always consider the future in business. Any kind of business is extremely competitive and is an industry where people and businesses change and adapt quickly. Having contacts with as many people as possible can only benefit your company.
In the second paragraph you should state the reasons behind whatever has led to the negative aspect of the letter. They may not have succeeded in securing a contract, they may not have passed an interview that could lead to employment or they may be being terminated. Whatever the reason for the negative letter, ensure you are direct in your description. You do not need to be apologetic as there will be a valid reason for the letter but you should give a full description of your reasons. Some of your reasoning may need to be backed up with proof so include it if you feel it is necessary.
You should finish the letter on another positive note, again remembering that you do not know what the future brings in business so it is best to remain on good terms with whoever you are sending the letter to in case they can help you in the future.
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As you didn't mention the what the business or contract is all about so I am structuring the letter for you  hope it might help.

First write the opening paragraph by praising client’s service or the long-term relationship between you and the client.  Then Give the reasons for negative news and then come to the actual bad news and tell them that there is a delay in the production of widget. 

After all the reasoning and bad news, close the letter with a positive note like we will look for future contract or so on but never promise for anything that cannot be fulfilled.

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