How To Calculate Knit Garments Consumption?


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The knit garments consumption is a process of calculations which lets you work out how much raw material you will require to knit particular items of clothing or garments.

Obviously, for different types of clothes, the process of calculation is going to be different each time. For example, let's look at a t-shirt; if you want to make a t-shirt, you will firstly need to know how much fabric that you will need. To do this you will need to find out some information about the t-shirt:

  • The length of the sleeves.
  • The length of the body.
  • Half of the chest width.
  • The fabric's GSM (grams per square meter).
  • The process wastage of the t-shirt.
When you purchase a pattern or instructions on how to make a particular garment, this should be accompanied by a guideline which will tell you the information that was mentioned above. The instructions should also come with a formula that you can use. Just input all of the information into the formula in the correct order and the final knit garment consumption value will be presented to you.

Sometimes it is a lot easier for people, particularly those who are extremely busy with work or other commitments, to use an automatic calculator on the Internet to figure out the knit garment consumption. These calculators will just ask you for all the necessary information and the result will be returned to you.
Use the following link to go to a blog that will work out the knit garment consumption for you:

When you go to this website, down the right hand side you will see seven spaces to enter values. Just type them all in and the answer will be displayed to you straight away.

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