What's The Grading System In IGCSE?


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If you are looking for the grading system for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, it is the same as the grading system for the General Certificate of Secondary Education as used in the United Kingdom. The grading system includes:

  • Grading levels ranging from A* - U grade, with A* being the best possible grade to achieve and U meaning that the examinations were so bad they were "ungraded". This is the same as it is in the United Kingdom, with the GCSE usually following the SAT tests and then being followed by A Levels if the student went on to Higher or Further Education.

The importance of studying for GCSEs or IGCSEs is huge, it has many benefits and, in many countries, they are compulsory. Without your GCSEs, you cannot go to college and do either BTEC or A Level qualifications, meaning that you will be stuck in the same situation with the same job offers forever, unless you do your GCSEs and get back on the education ladder.

There are requirements for college courses, such as different amounts of GCSEs needed and different levels, so it is always a good idea to do the best you possibly can when you are studying at school, so you have the widest range of options when you finish your GCSEs and go on to attempt to start an A Level course.

At A Level, in the United Kingdom, you can usually pick a number of courses (usually around four) and study them for two years at the college of your choice, depending on how well you did in your GCSE exams. The courses available include: English Language, English Literature, French, Politics, Geography, History and Math.

Always take your education seriously, even if you find it boring. It will pay off in the end!

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