How Can I Apply To Mark GCSE Papers?


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GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education, exam papers are often marked by secondary teachers, supply teachers and also retired teachers who will do the job during the exam period. It is best to visit the website of an examining body, such as AQA, where you will normally find a section that advertises marking opportunities for exams. Markers who are not qualified teachers will usually have a degree in the subject they are marking or in a related field, but some examining bodies will only recruit markers who are qualified teachers.

The work of an examiner or moderator is responsible and demanding but also rewarding and must be carried out within a tight timetable.

The marking normally takes place over a period of three to four weeks during the relevant examination period. The exact dates, and the number of scripts or samples of coursework to be marked, vary between subjects. The majority of GCSE exams are taken in June so be aware that you will need to apply in advance and it is best to have your application submitted as early as possible.

To apply, you should normally have at least three terms' recent teaching experience by the time of the marking, appropriate academic qualifications in the subject(s) concerned as well as experience of teaching the subject(s) at the level you would like to mark and a PC with broadband access to the internet.

Markers must complete standardisation either online or at a meeting (usually within a week of the exam date). Most marking must be completed within 21 days, which often leaves markers with little or no social time so work and commitments must be scheduled around marking for almost a month.
It can be an intensive and isolating period of time so markers should be aware of this. You must be organised, efficient, a fast worker and able to work alone for long periods of time.
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If you wish to be a marker for the General Certificate of Secondary Education papers, you need to have the basic qualification and experience in marking papers. There is a general set of requirements that you need to full fill become a marker. Online applications forms are not available any more. So, you need to get in touch with the board and see if you are eligible to be a marker for the GCSE paper. General requirement might include a diploma certification course in marking GCSE papers and prior experience.

You need to ascertain the subject that you would like to mark the papers for and should have a honours degree in that subject. You should have some teaching and tutorial experience. Apart from all this, you should also be at ease with the GCSE marking system and should prove to be a fair and appropriate marker.

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