How Can I Find My GCSE Results?


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One of the best ways to find out your GCSE results after the loss of the original sheet (results), then you should contact the examining board (e.g. Edexcel. OCR) for a new one. Or they could give you the grades directly. I am sure you can get the contact information from thier website, simply google it :D
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I think you can choose between,txt or post...if you pick txt I think you get it fast.
If ypu live in like buckston you will prb gett it later thats what happened this year:)x
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There are five different boards that award the GCSE including the OCR, AQR, Edexcel, CCEA, and WJEC; but all of these interact and provide the results, when declared, to the schools directly. They do not interact with the students directly. The results for the GCSE are normally made available to students in the fourth week of the month of August.

Most of the boards declare the results on the Thursday of that week except for CCEA which declares it earlier on the Tuesday. Students have to collect their GCSE results from the institutes where they sat for these same exams. Any problems with ones results should be reported to the teaching staff immediately. In most of the United Kingdom the GCSE is the leading cause of suicides amongst teenagers; even though, contrary to what most people believe it is not even compulsory.
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I think the best way would be if you went back to your old school or try online on the edexcel website if you went to st Bernard's you will be able to find past results there.I think the best way would be by getting in contact with your past secondary school where they will be able to help you far better with an queries you may have.
Hope this helps
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You can find you GCSE results to improve you weakners subjects and revise more.
Alway hard work.

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