If i retake my GCSE english language exam as i was mark away from getting B would an university still accept me if i do well in my A levels, someone please answer asap? Past experiences maybe? Thanks


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It seems like a silly question  , if you do well in your A-Levels you have good chance going to your desired uni but remember there is much competition these days , I got a B in  my english language and I can tell you tht if you really want to re-take then go ahead ..but its your A-levels that will count at Uni they don't really care about your GCSE'S aslong as you've got more than 5 and the vital ones , for A-level minimum is a B..if you get a C I'm sorry to say its not good enough a B or above will ensure you can go to Uni but maybe not the one you want since all the fees and huge competition these days , I know a friend that got A's and was refused a place at Uni. So think carefully and go and re-take your English just as long as it doesnt interrupt your A-Levels.
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Yep any of the top Unis will let you study there if you have a Grade C - it's still a pass and that's all that matters.Besides all a Uni is interested in, is your A-level results as you need to reach the points level asked for.

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