Can You Help With Writing Expanded Form Numbers?


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Sure it was so easy. For example when you change 1967 into an expanded form, it look like this. 1000+900+60+7......just send me what numbers you like to change in to an expanded form and I am the one who will change it....tNx
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You are SOOO helpful..thanks:) Having one answered and being told to do the rest on my own really doesn't help me save any time nor understand completely so thanks for helping me the way I'd hoped:) Your AWESOME!!
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22,475 = 20,000 + 2,000 +400+ 70 + 5...
Now that I've done the first one for you, I think it would be good for you to do the rest of your homework on your own. ;)
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I believe that expanded form is simply the sum of the numbers positions.     22,475 = 20000+2000+400+70+5  1,748,961 = 1000000+700000+40000+8000+900+60+1     Now the rest should be easy.
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For example this:

96.52 = (90.00)+(6.00)+(.50)+(.02)


81.73 = (80.00)+(1.00)+(.70)+(.03)

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