How Do I Convert Btu's To Cfm's?


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There is no conversion calculation that exists between BTU's and CFM's. This is because they are two different types of measurement and when it comes to converting measurements you must be consistent with the type. For example, you cannot convert a length such as centimetres into a volume such as centimetres cubed.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit which is a unit energy. One BTU is equal to approximately 1,055.05585 Joules. This unit is used most often in heating and air conditioning, steam generation and power industries although it is also used to measure agricultural energy production. For this purpose, the unit is BTU/kg.

The BTU is still 'unofficially' used in the metric system in English speaking countries such as Canada and it is still the most common unit of classification for air conditioning units that are manufactured and sold in non English speaking countries.

British Thermal Unit is defined as the amount of heat that is need to increase the temperature of one pound of water (0.454 kilograms) by one degree Fahrenheit (0.556 degree Celsius) where the pressure is kept constant at one atmosphere.

One BTU is approximately 1.054 to 1.060 kilojoules, 0.293071 watt hours, 252 to 253 calories and 0.25 food calories (kilo calories).

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and is also known as a Cubic Foot which is a US customary and an Imperial unit of volume. It is most commonly used in the United Kingdom and the United States. A Cubic Foot is defined as the volume of a cube whose sides measure one foot in length (0.3048 metres).

One Cubic Foot is equal to 1728 Cubic Inches, 1/27 of a cubic yard, approximately 28.31 litres and approximately 6.2288 Imperial gallons.

There is no symbol of measurement that has been Universally agreed upon, however there are quite a few that are most commonly used such as cubic feet, cu ft, and feet3.
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Natural gas has an average BTU per cubic foot. There is a conversion for using CFM to BTUH.
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You must be consistent in converting between measurements of the same type. BTU's are a measurement of energy whereas Cfm's or Cubic Ft/minute is a measurement of flow. Therefore I do not believe a conversion factor exists.
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48000 btu

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