In A Large Country Like The United States, _____ Is More Practical Than _____. Which One Is Correct?


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According to me , it should be D. Representative Democracy, direct democracy. Hope this helps.
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You need to use the process of elimination to answer this multiple choice question. There is no way that the answer is "A," because the terms monarchy and democracy are not opposites. There have been plenty of constitutional monarchies in world history, and a handful are still in existence. Option "B" is also clearly incorrect, because "parliament" and "legislature" are identical terms. Some countries call their elected governing bodies parliaments, while others choose the term "national assembly" or legislature. Option "C" is a little better than the first two, because you can argue that dictatorship is more practical than a messy democracy, as it is far easier to enact laws and not worry about the rights of citizens. The correct answer, however, is "D" and the main clue in the question is the word "large."

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