Is It Better To Study Before Sleeping Or Sleep Before Studying?


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My teacher was telling us the best way to study to retain the maximum amount of information and she said to study once class was over (or when you got home) for 30 minutes, then again right before you go to sleep when you mind is relaxed, again when you wake up and then once more before class starts. I realize that's a lot but it helps. I normally just study at night though and then a quick one in the morning.
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Both. I have found that if you are well rested and your mind is clear before you study it actually makes it easier. Plus if you get a good nights sleep afterward then your brain can properly store the information you studied in order for you to apply it to your daily situations.
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it is better to sleep first i would of thought because then when you wake up your better at thinking because your brain is refreshed
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I like to study before I sleep because if I sleeped I'll never wake up!
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In my personal point of view, study before you sleep is better. Than sleep before study.
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I think both. First try and get as much information as possible in your head and then when you are sleeping the recording will be refreshing the information in your head. And then when you get up read and listen at the same time ( you may skip this step if you wish )
Please note :
* Certain people may be too focused on sleeping that they try block it out
* Some times you may not be able to sleep with this in your ears.

*Tips *

-- It may help if you have an idea of the questions and you read them out in the voice recording
--  If you read fairly loud.

Hope this helps.
    Guru Saoirse =]
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Study before I sleep, oh I want be bothered to do it when I wake up hehe.
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According to my opinion, this is best to study before going to sleep Because during the sleeping period, brain continuously repeats all memories. Due to this continuous repetition, study material remains freshens in our mind. I use to visit website for learning tips of healthy sleep.

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I think that this varies according to different people. For instance,
I used to study till very late at night while my friends would wake up very
early to revise. I was never able to do so. It also helps a lot if you
regularly go over your notes instead of trying to cram everything in your head
on the eve of the exams.

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