How Many Pounds In 2.5 Quarts?


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OF the three answers thus far Grellis is the closest. Thus far no one has mentioned that differing substances each have different densities. You attempting to convert between mass in pounds and volume in quarts. You must consider the density of the substance being measured in quarts, all substances whether in liquid, solid or gas phase have differing densities, the formula for density is d=m/v which reads density=mass/volume.

therefore I would need the density of the substance being measured in quarts to convert to pounds - abbreviated as lbs.
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A gallon of liquid weighs 8lb, there are 4 quarts to a gallon, so you would have 4lb. And 1/2 qt, would weigh 1 lb., it would be 5 lbs. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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A much simpler way to remember is this old rhyme " A Pint is a Pound, The World Around"
 1 pint= 1 pound & 2 pints = 1 quart so 2 1/2 = 5 pints or 5 pounds.
This is only true in liquid measure.
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It depends somewhat on what you are measuring. Dry measures are different sizes than wet measures. This link describes US Customary units.
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The weight of quart depends on what you put in the quart.  A quart of steel balls will weigh more than a quart of cotton balls.  A quart of water at room temperature weighs almost exactly 2 pounds.  As any pilot can tell you, oil weighs 7.5 pounds per gallon or 1.875 pounds per quart, and gasoline weighs 6 pounds per gallon or 1.5 pounds per quart.  So my first question to you is what are you measuring? My second question is why don’t you just use the units the recipes call for?
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Tomatoes are one weight when they are whole. Once they are cut, the liquid escapes and the weight is different. Thus the question because I could not remember the proper conversion sequence. Have not used it in a very long time. When this book was written, tomatoes and other produce were sold by quarts, etc.
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Sorry about the delay getting back to you. I have been offline while remodeling the house. The point of my second question is that you can buy the tomatoes however they are sold and then measure out a quart, peck, or whatever the recipe requires. Also, many vendors at a local Farmer's Market's still sell them by the quart, and you can easily pick up a dry quart container in most discount stores.

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