Fascia(rafter)plumb-cut Angle: Run=14' 5-1/2, Can You Help?


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Tack a scrap board in place and either scribe against your eave side fascia or rafter tail or use a short "torpedo" level to get your true plumb cut. This should be the same angle as at the ridge cut. You could also use a simple sliding T-bevel against the fascia. Look up "roof framing 101".
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What pitch are you trying to achieve? Fascia boards don't get mitered cuts.  the rake ( on the gabble ends) will be set to the same pitch as the roof. Get a speed square, mark your lines and cut it with the miter saw. Use your speed square on the sheathing of the roof and bring your fascia board up against the speed square and nail it. Drip edge will go over the fascia and sheathing to cover factory edge. Unless you have some fancy woodwork, I've never heard of anyone mitering the fascia to match the pitch of the roof.
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Newbie here: My screen showing the original question I asked omits the rise I thought I included in it. The rise is 3' 9-3/4". I already knew the length of the old fascia board thus the new one as well. Sorry.
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Ok, your plumb cuts will be the same as the pitch of the roof. And those boards are the rake not facia. Whats the pitch of your roof? Ex: 3, 5, 6 12.
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Alright, 3.94. Get a speed square and put it on your board as if you're scribinga 90 degree line. Slide it to the end of the board until the point of the square is flush with the end of the board. Now look where it says common rafter. Simply pivot the square keeping the point flush with the end of the board until you have the #4 pitch on the edge of the board. Scribe the line and cut. Try scrap pieces first until you get it to be just right. Sounds like its just under a 4 pitch.

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