What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment To Date? (max 500 Words)


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There are many examples of proud accomplishments that people manage to achieve throughout their lifetimes. If you are looking for accomplishments to mention on a job application, or during an interview, just look back on your life so far and think about the things you have done, to help you or others that has made you feel proud and worthy. Even some of the smallest things you can think of can be seen as some of the biggest accomplishments to other people; it all depends on who you are and what your life is like. For example, if you are a single parent, this is a proud accomplishment for you, managing to bring up another life on your own without support and another pair of hands. Before you think of the things you have achieved over your lifetime and knock them down because you don't think they are good enough, trust yourself and stop putting yourself down.

If you don't have children, or are too young to have had them, there are plenty of other things that you may have achieved in your life, already. You may have a passion that you have pushed throughout your life since your childhood, which is an accomplishment in itself to have stuck by. Alternatively, you may have recently picked up a hobby and have channeled so much effort into it that you are already successful at what you do, in such a short time span. Things like these are perfectly worth mentioning on your job application and will show determination and skill.

If you have done something really memorable, such as an act of bravery or donating mass amounts to charity, through fundraising or donating blood or organs, be sure to mention this. These show you as incredibly caring and cooperative to fellow humans, meaning you'll be a brilliant member of a team.

Always remember, even if you can't think of anything similar that you have done from those mentioned above, it's not too late to start! Get yourself out there, find yourself a new passion and throw yourself into it! Or get a group of people together and organize a huge fundraising event in your area. This will help those in need and also help you get along in your life, too.
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I would say as a average human being I have been a successful person in my studies and family life. I qualified my studies up to degree level with good credit. Also I was successful in my previous carrier and gave a great support to my organization.

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