How Are Open-ended Questions Quantified?


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There are some techniques on the basis of which open ended questions can be quantified. The best way is to use a Likert scale. Basically the objective of an open question is to give the chance to the answerer to answer without limitations. When you will select a Likert scale and you will give at least 1 to 10 options then limitations are minimized. However, one of the issue which is involved in such quantification of open ended question is that the replier can give a biased answer. The best way to eliminate the biased view is that you should not mention your view or statement about the question. Just give the rating scale and ask the person to give the appropriate option.

This quantification technique of open ended questions is widely used in Surveys.
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But if you are using the Likert scale, then you are not using open-ended questions. These are two different types of survey questions.
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That's what I was thinking as well. Likert scales are used in quantiative research, not qualitative open-ended questions. However, it is possible to convert qualitative open-ended questions into quantiative results. One way to do that is to categorize answers to questions and calculate percentages, means, or whatever other numeric analysis you need.

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