Which Is A False Statement: Your Driving Record?


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Any time someone answers a question about their driving record in a false and untruthful way, they are making a false statement about their driving record. Sometimes, people may feel inclined to lie about their driving records in order to try and get jobs that require better driving records than they have. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why people may decide to fudge about their driving record.

  • Reasons for lying

Sometimes, people have lots of problems with driving, such as speeding tickets, unpaid parking tickets, and so on. It can be embarrassing and inconvenient to have a bad driving record, so people make false statements to hide the truth. Unfortunately, it's very easy for potential employers to request a driver's abstract that outlines a person's personal driving record in excruciating detail. Therefore, there really is no point in lying about a driving record; in fact, the false statement may damage a person's reputation more than the driving record would!

  • Lying may have consequences

It's possible to lose a job if you lied on a resume regarding your driving record. Any false statement on a job application or other official document can come back to haunt you. It's always better to be truthful in such situations, since facts and figures can be verified quite easily though outside sources. If you feel that your driving record is incorrect, it may be possible to petition the court to look into the matter; however, in this situation, you may require legal counsel to plead your case, and this can get very expensive. Parking tickets and the like may affect your driving record, and these tickets can be contested after they are received (within a certain amount of time).

Honesty is all about confessing to issues related to a driving record and discussing these matters frankly with an employer or other interested party. However, some people have no business knowing anything about your driving record.

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