Which statement is false? (Points : 1) a ∈ {a, b, c} Ø ⊂ {a, b, c} Ø ⊆ {a, b, c} Ø ∈ {a, b, c}


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Ø ∈ {a, b, c}  is the correct answer to this question.
Ø represents NULL and an empty set is a subset of every set, that is why the other answer found here (Ø ⊆ {a, b, c}) is a true statement and not the answer to the question.
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The false statement is Ø ⊆ {a, b, c}.
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This is not the correct answer. Ø ⊆ {a, b, c} is saying Ø is a subset of {a,b,c} and a NULL (Ø) _is_ a subset of ALL other subsets.

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