What Are Some Other Advantages Of Scientific Notation Than Large Or Small Numbers?


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Ease of multiplying or dividing, especially when estimating.  Just add or subtract the exponent and you know about how large the answer is.  example, 4.123 x 10-1 x 2.092 x 103, we know right away the answer is about 8 x 102.  Sometimes that's close enough.

Less chance of errors, there's no need to deal with lots of leading zeros in numbers less than one.  Example, in the number 0.00000004, it is easy to miss a zero, but 4 x 10-8 makes it easy.

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Scientific notation helps an individual to determine a certain value without having any confusion on counting how many non-significant values are there. It can easily be read unlike in just ordinary notations where you'll take time to know the value of a certain number.

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