What Best University For Bba In Lahore In Which We Can Study For Bba?


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Hi, I have done Mechanical engrng from UET, and now I m planning to go for MBA. We all know that LUMS is famous for Management sciences and busines studies in Pakistan, but since it doesnt offer BBA, I think that one must go for FAST if he/she is interested in doing BBA from Lahore. There are other good institutes like LSE, Comsats, UCP, UCL, UMT, and etc which provide BBA for Lahories, and I have heard many people listing LSE after LUMS, I also believed it but trust me it isn't true, I have my brother studyin at LSE, and hez was an average student throughout his academic career and doesnt even study that much but still manages to get 4.00 GPA in LSE. While my sister who was excellent student, and I can see her working hard, gets just above 3 GPA in FAST-NU, and she claims that its good as compared to her other classmates, because FAST-NU has strct grading rules.
Secondly when I compared my sister's knowledge about her field to my brothers, therez a huge difference, and now since my bro is in 2nd last semester, I told him to enroll in FAST for MBA program because I m not satisfied with the studies of LSE and so does he.

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