How To Construct All Three Altitudes Of Obtuse Triangle?


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Any obtuse triangle will necessarily have two angles that are not obtuse (assuming Euclidean geometry).  Regardless, to draw any altitude of triangle, you need the triangle in question, and a method of drawing or detecting a particular angular measure.

What you're going to need to do is draw a line that is both perpendicular to the edge furthest from a given angle of a triangle, straight up to the corner in question.  In the case of a obtuse triangle, this will usually result in two of the altitudes being outside the triangle: This is normal.

In short, do the following:
You'll need
[1] a copy of the triangle.
[2] a straight edge
[3] a way to draw a line 90 degrees from a straight line.

1. Take your copy of the triangle and lay the straight edge along one of the sides.
2. Take your [3] tool and draw a straight line, 90 degrees from this edge all the way up to the other point on the triangle that doesn't touch this edge.
3. Repeat for all three corners.

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