Is It Possible To Express Every Decimal As A Fraction?


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Yes. Every decimal you can write all the digits of can be expressed as a fraction. Any repeating decimal you can write the digits of can be expressed as a fraction.
By its nature, a decimal number is an expression of a fraction. The denominator is defined by the place value of the least significant digit. All the digits define the numerator. Example   123.4567 = 1234567/10000  The decimal numbers that are infinite and non-repeating cannot be written as fractions. √3 is one of these. So is pi. You cannot write all of the digits of them, so the statement above remains true. (The part of pi that we know can be written as a fraction--all trillion digits of it. That is not the true value; it is just the part that we know.)
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Before adding or subtracting two fractions they are converted into like fractions. Explain with examples why this is necessary.

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